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Points for Attention in Installation of Swimming Pool Lamp

- Dec 28, 2018 -

Firstly, for the selection of lamps, we should pay attention to the waterproofness, power supply voltage and power consumption of single lamps.

Secondly, calculating the cable diameter: generally, the underwater lamp uses low voltage safety voltage, which involves low voltage and high current power supply will affect the voltage drop of the line. It is necessary to calculate the voltage drop at the end of the line before leaving the redundancy.

Third, the isolation transformer and leakage switch powered by the underwater lamp must be arranged outside Area 2 in order to avoid electric shock accidents; Fourth, both the open-fitting (bracket underwater lamp) and the installation (embedded underwater lamp) should reserve 0.6-1 meter long cable, so as not to discharge the water in the pool when the lamp is in trouble in the future, so that even if the lamp is broken, the lamp can be mentioned from the water. Waterproof treatment is done on the surface of the water to change wiring and wiring.

Fifth: As for other wiring, the connection joint is waterproof, and the General Hydropower and decoration workers can basically handle it.

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