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(2) Installation Method of Led Cup Light

- Dec 14, 2018 -

5. The number of bolts for fixing lamp holder of LED lamp cup should not be less than the number of fixed holes on lamp base, and the diameter of bolts should be matched with the diameter of holes; lamps without fixed fixing holes on the base (self-drilling when installation), each lamp should not be less than 2 bolts or bolts for fixing, and the center of gravity of lamp should coincide with the center of gravity of bolts or bolts; only when the diameter of insulating platform is 75 mm or less than the center of gravity of bolts or bolts. Only one bolt or screw can be used to fix it.

6. When installing the LED lamp cup in masonry structure, the embedded bolt or expansion bolt, nylon plug or plastic plug should be used to fix it. Wood wedge should not be used.

7. Educate children not to throw balloons and other objects into lamps and lanterns indoors, in order to avoid harming people or affecting the decorative effect of lamps and lanterns. And the bearing capacity of the fixtures mentioned above should be matched with the weight of the ceiling lamp. To ensure that the LED cup light is fixed firmly and reliable, and can extend its service life.

These points of attention may be encountered in daily use and installation of LED lamp cups. Correct use and installation can not only prolong the use time of lamps, but also provide a brighter and better lighting environment for families.

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