• Garden Light Waterproof Led Par38

    Garden Light Waterproof Led Par38

    Our Led Par Lights has 2 years warranty, produced under strict testing equipments. Die-casting aluminum+PC lens, much better heat sink performance than competitors. Our Led Par Lights are widely used in commercial places, like...

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  • Outdoor Emergency Camping Lights

    Outdoor Emergency Camping Lights

    outdoor emergency camping lights are water resistant, making them extra durable , 10 hours Super-long discharge, is Perfect for emergency, maintenance, garden work, camping and etc outdoor emergency camping lights parameters Application...

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  • RGB Par56 Led Bulb Pool Lights

    RGB Par56 Led Bulb Pool Lights

    RGB Par56 led bulb pool lights is our best selling model in the past 2017, not only because of the concise and elegent appearance, but also the good quality, which can be easily recognized through the details and the parts used. RGB...

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  • Adjustable Cob Led Downlight

    Adjustable Cob Led Downlight

    adjustable cob led downlight with 1 pcs 20 Watt COB LED, 85V-265VAC operation. adjustable cob led downlight parameters Application of adjustable cob led downlight Why choose us? Exclusive solution can be provided to our customer by our...

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  • Surface Mounted Pool Led Lights

    Surface Mounted Pool Led Lights

    Surface Mounted 18W Pool Led Lights, new launched integrated led underwater lights, very popular in Australia, South Africa, Spain etc. High efficiency and easy maintain, stable Epistar chip, longer life than competitors. Surface...

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  • 18w Adjustable Led Downlights

    18w Adjustable Led Downlights

    18w adjustable led downlights are Stand-alone lighting fixture, The driver has IC Rated function. 18w adjustable led downlights parameters Application of 18w adjustable led downlights Why choose us? Patent design for many products FAQ...

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  • Par38 LED Light Bulbs Outdoor

    Par38 LED Light Bulbs Outdoor

    par38 led light bulbs outdoor Features a high brightness of 1500 Lumens, is an ideal choice for use in outdoor security and landscape lighting. par38 led light bulbs outdoor parameters Application of par38 led light bulbs outdoor Why...

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  • Plant Grow Lights Led

    Plant Grow Lights Led

    plant grow lights led is 18w (6 blue & 12 red), ultra bright. Really helps when the plant need extra boost of light, or a few of sun, raining, snowing, dark indoor etc. plant grow lights led parameters Application of plant grow...

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  • LED Par38 15W Dimmable

    LED Par38 15W Dimmable

    led par38 15w dimmable creates a warm, comfortable ambiance, include smooth dimming options, high compatibility with most dimmers

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  • Ceiling Led Track Lighting

    Ceiling Led Track Lighting

    ceiling led track lighting with 3200 delivered lumens, use in commercial settings such as retail shops, showrooms ceiling led track lighting parameters Application of ceiling led track lighting Why choose us? OEM&ODM manufacturer...

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  • E27 Par38 LED Bulbs Dimmable

    E27 Par38 LED Bulbs Dimmable

    e27 par38 led bulbs dimmable Rated 30,000 hours lifespan, dimming smoothly, Fully 0%-100% dimmable.

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  • Par38 LED Lights Dimmable

    Par38 LED Lights Dimmable

    par38 led lights dimmable allow you to customize light levels, Lasts up to 30,000 hours.

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